Family support

How addiction affects the family?

Recovery is about progression, not perfection

Addiction affects not just the addict, but the entire family. Loving someone who is struggling with an addiction can be heartbreaking, exhausting, frustrating and traumatic. Treating the addict alone is usually not enough to create lasting change in the family unit.


New Day family support

Your recovery must come first so that everything you love in life doesn’t have to come last.

We give feedback to family members how their loved ones are doing. If there is conflict in the family unit, we mediate to allow for everyone to be heard and to allow for a resolution. We assist the family with what boundaries to put in place and how to implement them realistically. Help educate the family on what is happening with their loved one regarding addiction as well as the recovery process. We can facilitate family sessions to discuss the addict’s reintegration to align all parties to best support the addict as well as the family members to gain a sense of direction.


“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humaity cannot survive.”


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The change starts with you!

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The change starts with you!

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