Outpatient programme

What is an

outpatient programme?

When you want to make a change

Unlike an inpatient program, which requires you to move into a facility for a specific period, an outpatient program allows you to stay at home and in your community while you work on your addiction issues. An outpatient program comes with no fees involving room and board.

The main benefit of an outpatient programme is convenience.  If you do not want to move out of your home and abandon your responsibilities to deal with your addiction. Outpatient care allows for substantial assistance, providing meetings, therapy and care around your daily routine.

The outpatient program can also be a cost-saver as many people find the cost of traditional rehabilitation simply too high to bear

New Day outpatient programme

A flexible option for your recovery

New Day offers a 4-week intensive outpatient programme that runs Monday to Friday for 2 hours a day”

This program is a holistic program that attempts to equip recovering addicts with personal resources and empower them to use these learnings to implement change in their day to day life.

The outpatient program is based on the matrix model which has proven effective, in the treatment of over 6,000 cocaine and 2,500 methamphetamine addicts. The model makes use of relapse prevention, psycho-education, cognitive behavioural therapy and person-centred therapy.

This program is partially covered by medical aid. View covered medical aids. Coverage is dependant on the patient’s plan and available funds. New Day Rehab allows you to pay upfront or pay per session, and after that claim from your medical aid.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are”


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The change starts with you!

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The change starts with you!

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